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Video game industry revenue vs movie

Red Dead Redemption 2, one of the most anticipated video games of the year, is off to a blockbuster start. According to a statement put out by Rockstar Games last week, the game had the second-highest grossing launch of any entertainment product in history.

The fact that Rockstar Games celebrates the game's success as the "second-highest grossing entertainment launch of all time" rather than just calling it the second-highest grossing video game launch, says a lot about where video games stand today. They are no longer a time-waster for teenagers slumped in front of their computer screens but global entertainment properties, competing with the biggest blockbusters Hollywood can muster.

video game industry revenue vs movie

As the following chart shows, both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 have made more money in three days than the biggest movie openings of all time. This chart compares three-day launch sales of slected video games to the biggest movie openings of all time.

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video game industry revenue vs movie

Single Accounts Corporate Solutions Universities. Popular Statistics Topics Markets Reports. Follow Statista. Felix Richter. Description This chart compares three-day launch sales of slected video games to the biggest movie openings of all time. Download Chart. Gross box office revenue in Norway Star Wars movies: production costs and global box office revenue Weekend box office revenue - March Worldwide weekend box office revenue - March Box office revenue of the most successful movies of all time in China of January Hong Kong: weekly box office revenue January T he video game industry has undergone significant changes from the early days of Atari.

It now covers multiple sectors and generates more revenue than the movie and music industry. Last year total revenue in the U. A big part of that increase is due to a shift away from physical games towards digital software.

In the past 5 years, video game publishers have focused on expanding their direct to consumer channels through robust digital offerings.

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Meanwhile, the emergence of mobile gaming, eSports and virtual reality are poised to take the industry by storm in the next few years. For starters, the video game industry consists of three primary sectors; PC, console and mobile. PC gaming is currently the biggest moneymaker followed by console and mobile.

However, mobile is poised to eclipse both PC and console sales in the next 5 years. Console gaming remains a blue chipper in the industry with limited upside or downside potential. Despite the booming popularity of PC games, computer sales continue to struggle.

video game industry revenue vs movie

Both stocks are down double digits in the past 12 months and should only be pursued as long term investments. Console gaming, on the other hand, has become so advanced that they are essentially mini computers in the living room.

There is little question as to who dominates this segment. The PS4 has sold 40 million units worldwide since its debut, nearly double what Xbox has moved. Sony is also updating its system to support virtual reality and 4k functionality which projects to be high growth areas.

Sony SNE stock is down in the past 12 months, but has reconciled some of its losses since the start of the year. Mobile gaming is quite different than it was when Snake launched in The smartphones we carry today have become so advanced that they replicate the capabilities of computers at the turn of the millennium. The Apple app store has been a popular place for developers to sell their games to a relatively untapped market.

In the past 3 years mobile gaming has been brought to the public market with mixed results. Mobile gaming is still expected to eclipse PC and console sales, despite limited success on the financial market. Video game publishers have seen the greatest impact from the shift to digital games.

The recent advancements in technology and streaming now allow users to download games rather than visiting the local GameStop. Developers have seen digital downloads jump as they no longer need to shepherd their games through physical retailers. Activision was the top earner amongst publishers, pointing to an uptake in digital services for its recent success. The newest innovations in technology are poised to take over the gaming industry. It has over million fans with expectations to garner million new fans over the same time frame.

Some of the most interesting opportunities for investors are in streaming, branding, and sponsorships. Meanwhile, companies such as Turtle Beach are making accessories and controllers tailored for pro gamers to gain an edge. Publishers have seen shares spike from an increase in digital downloads while mobile developers and console manufacturers continue to suffer.

Investing here, like in any other industry, requires due diligence and patience. The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

His Psychology and Economics degrees increased his understanding of financial markets from a human behavior perspective. Looking to further his understanding of financial markets, he went on to obtain his Masters in Economics from the New School graduating in May Jump to navigation. The gaming industry and community has grown quite a bit since we were all playing Super Mario Bros. In fact, according to a report by Reutersgaming is bigger than it ever was, bigger than every other form of entertainment.

In addition, the gaming industry is still growing, seeing a The Reuters report mentions several factors that lead to the growth of gaming last year. One is the relatively recent opening of the Chinese gaming market, which is climbing in sales an average of 14 percent per year. It also mentions the takeoff of Fortniteand its lucrative microtransaction model. This makes it the most profitable entertainment release of all time in any medium. We are also seeing something of a role reversal in the relationship between the gaming industry and the film industry.

Specifically, in the early days of gaming, popular films and TV shows would frequently be licensed for video game tie-ins. Another reason that gaming has become so big is the recent diversification of gamer culture. The rise of e-sports has turned gaming into a spectator sport and has brought in revenue from all attached businesses from merchandising to ticket sales.

The very concept of e-sports has integrated gaming into several lifestyles, with several colleges and high schools forming e-sports teams. The Switch, on the other hand, is more of a gaming lifestyle product, tailored to offering several different portable gaming options to people who may not be in the market for powerful gaming devices.

While the Switch is able to play many of the games that are available on PC or other consoles, many Switch exclusive games are designed specifically with portability in mind, allowing users to take their gaming experience with them. In a sense, it allows users to tailor their gaming schedule to fit the rest of their lives. Reuters notes that this has brought about a major change in how people consume games, considering that traveling gamers can now have a high definition console experience, not a reduced handheld experience or mobile experience, while on the road.

These new diverse models were added on top of existing gaming models that have already proven to be popular. Meanwhile the PC world has been suffering due to graphics card shortages, however the release of a new line of graphics cards has stabilized market prices and brought attention back to core PC gaming.

The rest of the gaming industry is fleshed out with mobile and tablet gaming, which has become far more accessible to the average consumer. In addition, low spec indie titles have opened up the gaming world to casual users who may be interested in gaming on a moderately specced laptop. Gaming has become the most popular form of entertainment in the world because it exists in so many forms to be consumed. It is only going to get more diverse form here.Long seen as the driving force behind the shift from purchasing music to streaming it, Spotify is one of many contemporary companies that depend on the infrastructure investments of global communications service providers CSPswithout contributing to it.

For CSPs, such services are a challenge, as they compete with their own services at the same time as depending utterly on their infrastructure for their success.

So why should video games represent anything different, asks Javier Polo, the chief executive of PlayGiga? But in fact both Hollywood and the global music industry are dwarfed by video games. Figure 1: The revenues for video games dwarfs those of music and movies.

Whereas the shift to digital has been very disruptive for music and movies, the market for games continues to grow as a result of this shift. Mobile games are purely digital, and the majority of PC games are now purchased as digital downloads.

Whereas for music labels and film studios the move to digital has seen margins eroded and the value of physical sales lost, for games there is not the same imbalance.

Digital has allowed games to reach an ever-larger audience, and has helped games publishers increase their revenues thanks to the lower costs of digital distribution. The first answer is network infrastructure. To deliver a seamless gaming experience requires higher quality connections than music or movie services — ideally 30mbps or more.

Even with the positive talk around the rollout of Ultrafast Full Fibre, household penetration of current fibre connections has only recently reached the point at which Cloud gaming becomes feasible.

Figure 2: The penetration of fast networks has only recently reached the point at which streaming games services are feasible.

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The second issue is the technology to deliver the games themselves. For a video game to run smoothly, you need an input latency of no more than milliseconds, ideally much lower. You also need to deliver a frame rate of at least 30 frames per second, otherwise the experience is jittery and unpleasant. Buffering the data is not an option. Right now, companies like Sony and Nvidia which have launched their own cloud gaming services have needed to build out their own infrastructure to overcome the technology issues.

The third factor has been that the games publishers themselves have not viewed Cloud gaming or Games-as-a-Service as a viable opportunity. However, this has changed, as digital sales have increased, and more publishers have experimented with new business models, including subscriptions, micro-transactions and streaming.

With such a huge global audience, there is a degree of segmentation. The most immediate opportunity is with families who have kids — and some parents — who want to play games, but are put off by the high costs involved.

Buying a console or gaming PC and keeping it up to date, as well as the cost of controllers and the games themselves can be a big investment. Another problem unique to families is the issue of parental control; discovering suitable games and controlling access is an ever-present issue. For this segment, Cloud gaming is an obvious solution, as access can easily be controlled, and the high cost of ownership is reduced to a simple monthly subscription.

Another huge segment is gamers in developing markets ,where consoles and gaming PCs can cost many times more than the average wage. Being able to offer a service with such a high perceived value at an affordable level has undoubted global appeal.But is it really the case?

They why, you may ask, has this been taken as gospel for a decade or more? But there is no reason to believe there is a big discrepancy between the US and worldwide markets.

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You typically hear something like the following:. Video games are bigger than the movies! There are two major problems with the vast majority of these claims. As previously noted, data will be from the US market only.

It includes the sale of peripherals such as extra controllers, gaming headsets, keyboards and mice! Indeed, pretty much anything related at all to video games.

In other words, all of these:. So the comparisons given make no sense. So what is a more accurate comparison? They count the movie content in the form of ticket sales. So what does game content look like? As noted, according to the Entertainment Software Association www.

Video game industry

Forof that That brings us to our second big problem. We also have to take a closer look at the movie revenue. According to boxofficemojo www. However, the box office does notrepresent the entire domestic movie industry revenue.

You get the idea.The revenue made in gaming has been on a steady incline in recent years, with this year being no exception to the industry's revenue rise.

Gaming worth more than video and music combined in record UK entertainment revenues

The report works somewhat like a census and provides information on the sales of video game systems, games, demographics, and what the pattern of the industry is overall. This is a moment for gamers and publishers alike to reflect on information such as target audience, popular genres, and general statistics of the gaming industry.

Why Are There No Good Video Game Movies? - Extra Credits

This growth also emphasizes that people of all backgrounds love to play video games, a notion-now-fact most gamers would agree with. As new platforms and technology continue to reach more players across the country, we expect to be yet another exciting year of engaging content and innovation as video games cement their place as the leading form of entertainment in America.

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One of the factors in gamings' rise in revenue is accessibility. Playing video games has never been easier, with players now having access through PC, and console. The inclusion of cloud gaming, cross-platform play, and VR also makes gaming more accessible and desirable. New hardware, subscription, and cloud gaming offerings are poised to give players even more options to engage with gaming content wherever, whenever and however they wish.

It's great news that the video game industry is not just living, but it is thriving. With public figures attempting to discredit what video games do, it's good to see the industry as a whole is still on the rise.

With more money going into the industry, publishers are sure to turn out better and more enticing games and consoles. The gaming industry is ever growingand is as inclusive as it's ever been.

video game industry revenue vs movie

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Leaders who are shaping the future of business in creative ways. New workplaces, new food sources, new medicine--even an entirely new economic system. In September, a new pop-culture milestone was reached. That was the biggest launch day ever for any piece of entertainment—any movie, any record, anything at all.

Grand Theft Auto Vby Rockstar Games, follows three lowlife characters through a sequence of high-speed car crashes, petty larceny, and other forms of simulated violence against the intricately detailed backdrop of Los Angeles.

It is, according to the criticsa very, very good game. It took Avatarthe top-grossing movie of all time, two days longer to earn the same amount. Why is the video-game industry on the ascendance? And are there any lessons that the movie and to a lesser extent, the music industry can take from its success?

Here are their takeaways on what makes gaming the top dog of the entertainment industry. The most obvious reason that piracy plagues games less than other forms of electronic media is the existence of specialized gaming machines. Could the movie industry do this? That said, overall domestic box office is pretty much flat since Players build a persistent identity, form relationships, and chat online with others. More and more genres of games, from shooters to sports, have some kind of social experience built in, and operate more as a service than as a product, says Della Rocca.

You cannot pirate a service! Musicians are making more and more of their money from full-immersion social experiences—that is, concerts and festivals —rather than recordings. Music subscription services like Spotify with social features are also growing, though none of them seem to be as sticky or as social as the best platform games.

TV has done a better job of this, but not in a way that directly generates revenue. Going to the movies just takes too long, says Meloni. Games, by contrast, are going more and more portable and flexible.

Some, like Call of Dutyhave introduced lightweight versions meant to be played on mobile devices.

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